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Sweet and Tart
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A rating community with a unique atmosphere and a card game based on the one created at the gems.t

Welcome to Sweet and Tart. Here we have all the great things you look for in a community. From rating new members to hanging out with old ones. We have monthly themes and activities as well as weekly and daily. We do activities ranging from picture posts to brain games and puzzles. Read the rules and get started on your application! Let us decide if you are sweet & tart!

*Use common sense!
1. Fill out the application in it's entirety please.
2. Try to be understanding about votes even if they are a no.
3. Votes may be harsh, but that is a chance you are willing to take by filling out the application.
4. Do not post anywhere except for your application until you are stamped as accepted. (Replying to every comment is not suggested.)
5. Make note somewhere in your subject line or on your cut that it is an application and you are new; if you are reapply, state that as well.
6. If you are rejected once you may reapply in two days with a new set of answers and pictures to your application.
7. Failure to comply with any and all of these rules will result in an immediate rejection!

*Obviously you made it this far so I musn't remind you to use your common sense as well, eh?
1. Stay active.
2. Participate in as many activities as fit your personality.
3. Feel free to post as much or as little as you want otherwise.
4. Try and make sure that you get your points for the month or have a really good reason why you can't.
5. Keep up with your cards and your treasure chest. Don't expect me to do it for you.
6. Again, stay active please!

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